Thursday, April 5, 2007


Hailey seems to have an interest in boys already. Earlier this week we went on our weekly trip to the library to get some books and to look at the aquarium. It was actually our first trip to the library, but I have decided it will be a weekly trip. Anywho- Hailey and I stopped by the aquarium to watch the fish. It's a pretty large aquarium that divides the children's section from the rest of the library. Hailey was watching the fish and giggling and smiling at them. I was watching a lady on the other side of the aquarium who had fallen asleep in her chair, book in hand and mouth hanging wide open. I couldn't hear her through the aquarium, but from the looks of those around her she must have been snoring. But, I digress. So, Hailey was enjoying the fish and would not take her eyes off of the aquarium for even a second. Until a cute little blond boy, about 2 years of age, and his mother came to see the fish. As soon as Hailey saw the little boy she could not take her eyes off of him. Later I told her that although he was a cute boy, she was much too young to be showing such an interest.

Today at the doctor's office we were waiting for quite a long time. There were several little girls in the waiting room, and Hailey did not pay any attention to them. She had grown bored of the toys I had brought with us and had started to grunt loudly, as she often does to show her displeasure. In came a little boy about 7 years old and suddenly Hailey was all smiles. A few minutes later a boy around 3 years old entered. Hailey took turns smiling at the 2 boys, no longer grunting in displeasure.

Could be trouble ahead, if ya ask me!


Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmmmm! Reminds me of her mother!

Susan said...

It's so hard to see them "grow up" sometimes, isn't it?? Great post.

:-) Susan

Shelly said...

Matthew is the same way around we better not put them in the same room together!! : )

JenLo said...

Yeah, you just wait!