Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hiding Out

Hailey is usually pretty good and does not cry often. When she does not like something she lets us know by grunting. The grunts grow increasingly louder until someone does whatever it is that Hailey is demanding be done. When Hailey does cry or grunt, Dottie gets nervous and paces around the house for a couple of minutes. If the crying or grunting continues, Dottie takes refuge under Brooke's bed. Once the noise stops, she waits there until someone comes in and lifts the bed up and tells her that it is okay for her to come out. Maybe someday I will join her under there, in her safe place, and I won't come out until I know that all is well.


Anonymous said...

sweet dog

JenLo said...

That is SO cute!!

Anonymous said...

Is there room for three ? ?
Auntie :o)