Monday, April 16, 2007

Tragedy at Virginia Tech

There is tragic news from Virginia Tech today as a gunman has killed at least 21 people in what has been reported as the deadliest school shooting in US history. Most of you know that my brothers Mike and Matt, and Matt's fiancee' Ellie attend school at VT. The three of them were not physically harmed, although they are understandably shook up. Matt and Ellie were off campus when it occurred. Mike was on campus in a classroom that was locked down until it was safe for the students to leave. Mike is now also safely off the campus with Matt and Ellie. I am so thankful that none of my loved ones were injured. At the same time I can not stop thinking about the many families who will be receiving the unthinkable news that their loved one is not okay. It's sad and scary and it reminds me of what is important in life. There are things that just seem to matter- going here and there and getting this and that done. I get caught up in the day to day things and worry about stuff that is just not important. When something like this happens it reminds me that what matters in life are the people. People can not be replaced while everything else can be. I need to remember not to take anyone for granted as we never know how long we have. Please remember those hurt by this tragedy in your prayers and especially those families who have lost a loved one.
You can get the latest news on CNN's website. There is also information on the Virginia Tech website.
Update: According to ABC news 29 people have been confirmed dead with at least 17 more hospitalized.
Update at 10pm: The latest news has confirmed at least 33 people dead, including the gunman.

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JenLo said...

I was just coming over to your blog to see if you'd posted anything and if not, John was going to call your dad. I am SO glad your bros and Ellie were okay! Very scary stuff.