Friday, April 13, 2007

Weight Loss Update

It's amazing that I did not gain 10 pounds this week, but I managed to stay the same. I am sad that I did not lose any weight, but very glad that I didn't gain any. Tuesday and Wednesday I snacked. All day long. I was in the living room playing with Hailey and I heard someone calling "Melanie" from the kitchen. I went to see who was calling me. It was the Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip cookies. So, I ate some (honestly, I ate like 8 of them.... or maybe it was 12). Then I went off to do something downstairs and again I heard someone calling "Melanie" from the kitchen. This time it was the Goldfish Crackers. So, I ate some (a rather large bowl of them). I went to fold some laundry and again I heard someone calling "Melanie" from the kitchen. This time it was the Oatmeal. Now, Oatmeal might sound healthy and indeed it could have been. Until I added 1/2 cup of brown sugar to it. Then I ate it. Of course, there was also the Easter candy. The Whoppers Robins Eggs called my name continuously. I ate those until they made me feel sick to my stomach. And then since there weren't very many left I finished them off. I think you get the idea. Next week will be better, it has to be.
19 pounds to go!


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo sorry that this happened to you!! After reading your blog- I am now hungry and fear I hear something calling me from the kitchen. Bye I'll go check!

JenLo said...

O, I know how you feel. I'm reading this as I finished my second piece of lemon meringue pie!

the night owl said...

This sounds like days I have had, when nothing is the right I pick all day..I love oatmeal with brown sugar on it , this is the only way I eat it.I have to get my act back and control my eating !!!!

Suzy said...

Oh I too have days like that! Most of the Easter break was spent trying (and failing) to resist the call of fattening snacks! I now have a few pounds to lose again! I'm trying to be sensible now as I don't want to put the 3 stone I lost back on again! Hope you don't get too many snacks calling your name this week!