Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Five Things Meme

Long, long ago in a land far, far away I was tagged by Grams over at Talk to Grams for this Five Things Meme! I'm finally getting around to it.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
10 years ago I had been out of high school for two years. I had just finished up my second semester at a community college and was preparing to leave for a four year school in the fall to finish my degree. I was working full time with preschoolers at a daycare center and I was working part time as a cashier at CVS. I was also dating Rich and tried to spend all of my free time with him.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Five Snacks You Enjoy
Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Peanut M&M's
Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate ice cream
Oh, and did I mention Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Five Songs That You Know All The Lyrics
The ABC's
Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Hush Little Baby
Itsy Bitsy Spider (in English, Spanish and sign language- I know you're impressed!)
Jesus Loves Me

Five Things You Would Do If You were a Millionaire
Give some of it away
Buy a house in the town where we really want to be living right now
Give some to our families
Put money away for Brooke and Hailey to go to college
Buy a boat for Rich

Five Bad Habits
Too much blogging
I never answer my house phone, NEVER
Too much snacking
Too little exercising
Too much nagging Rich

Five Things You Like To Do
Spend time with my family
Eat Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Go to amusement parks

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again
Parachute Pants
Scrunch Socks
Plastic Charms
Yes, I did grow up during the 80's! How did you know?

Five Favorite Toys
Cell Phone
Scrapbooking stuff
Oh, I almost forgot- my laptop

I know a lot of you have already done this meme, so I'm not officially tagging anyone. But, if you haven't done it yet- consider yourself tagged.


Pam said...

It was lots of fun reading this! Thanks for sharing! I too love my laptop and blogging! I am trying to get better at too many snacks and too little exercise....good luck to both of us!

JenLo said...

I really thought the link for parachute pants was going to be a picture of you wearing them. NO fair!

Talk..to..Grams said...

I love your list and I think you like your laptop!!

Stephanie said...

Hee! I don't answer my house phone, either! Too often it's a telemarketer, even though I'm on the "no call" list. I figure if it's important they'll leave a message!

Melanie said...

Love your list! I too was a child of the 80s and some of our fashion choices then sure do scare me now! LOL What is scarier yet is that they seem to reappear every once in a while!! YIKES! :)

JennaG said...

Great maternity picture of you! So, you like chips ahoy, do you? I never would have known...

Debbie said...

Ha! I didn't even have to click on the link to know what they were!! YIKES!

casual friday everyday @ moms blogging said...

Look at that cute little preggers belly! Gosh, all the memory lane monday participants and now your picture is really giving me pregnancy fever! lol

masgblog said...

I love chocolate anything...and also especially adore M&M Peanut