Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where A Kid (Or A Dad) Can Be A Kid

Since I was on a bloggy break last week I have a little bit of updating to do!

One night last week we decided to take Hailey for her visit to Chuck-E-Cheese. Brooke was quite sure it would be babyish (her words) and that she was much too old for such a cheesy place (my words with the pun intended). I think she had fun in spite of herself.

Rich loves Chuck-E-Cheese and has been looking forward to the day that Hailey would be old enough to go. He was in quite a hurry to get there. As soon as we left our house he asked me which route of travel would be fastest given the time of day. Since Chuck-E-Cheese is in a commercial area, near some of my favorite shopping locations, I was able to tell him exactly which way to go. We got there pretty quickly. He waited impatiently at the last red light by Chuck-E-Cheese and as soon as the light turned green he took off "to get ahead of that other family." Once we reached the parking lot Rich quickly found a spot and told us to hurry and get out of the car because there were others getting inside ahead of us. We went at around 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon so I'm sure you can imagine the droves of people pushing in front of us because we did not run to the building fast enough.

Here are some pictures of the evening.

Hailey loved her dinner plate.

Hailey enjoys a ride with Chuck-E-Cheese.

Since there were not very many people there I let Hailey
crawl around explore in the toddler area.
She LOVED it! She seemed to really enjoy the school bus.
(I did not pose her for this picture.)
Brooke and Rich work on putting out a fire.

Brooke while racing against Rich.

Brooke and Rich played several rounds of basketball.
Brooke won every time! But, don't tell Rich I told you.

If you didn't see my post yesterday, please check it out and offer me some advice. Thanks!!


Melanie said...

Well it looks like all of the "kids" had a great time!!! :) We don't have a Chuck E Cheese near us anywhere. Wish we did!

JenLo said...

I hear you. It is not the kids who like to go, but the dads. It is them who spend all the tokens on the games and forego the food!

Caregiver's Diary said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I like to take my little nephew Mathias to Chuckie-Cheese. He is so much fun and so busy! We have a similar picture of him on the car with the mouse. I remember when the place was show-biz-pizza! You know where a kid can be a kid!

Sharon said...

Keith and I are both still kids at heart when it comes to playing those games.
Give me a go kart and you had better get out of my way!
Glad ya'll had some nice family time.

Petula Wright said...

Great pics of your evening. I'm glad Brooke ended up having fun. I have a teenager as well and I think she has fun with the smaller children and CEC too!

Pam said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! I know I have fun with the games while I am there too. Hailey is just too cute in that bus picture. I love it. Thanks for sharing the pics. I hope you can get to CEC again soon....we too love to go there!

Debbie said...

This is one place you can't go wrong on if you have children....or siblings and even hubbies!
Looks like it was a winner for Hailey's first visit!

grace_of_angels88 said...

Amazing!! :)

JennieBoo said...

Looks like lots of fun was had by all.

Have I ever mentioned how adorable Hailey is?

Also, you're like me. I take the pics and there never seems to be many of me.

Yay for Chuck E. Cheese!

Lorikate said...

that's awesome! I used to LOVE taking Logan to Chucky's....still do. And I always play the game swhile Logan goes down the slides....