Monday, October 15, 2007

Activity Menu Challenge

Andrea at Lifesong has challenged us to come up with some ideas of things to do this winter to combat the winter blues. I have decided to break my ideas into three parts.

  • Since I am a stay-at-home mom my first list of ideas is things that Hailey and I will do during the day to help keep me from going stir crazy.

1. One day each week we go to babies and mommies story time at the library. It lasts about a half an hour and we get to hear stories, sing songs, play games, and I get to talk to other moms. In January Hailey will graduate to the toddler class, which still takes place once a week. After the class we spend time picking out new books and CD's to take home, we play with the puppets, do puzzles, and watch the fish in the aquarium. If the weather continues to be warm enough we will spend time playing on the playground too.
2. Another day we go to story time at Barnes and Noble. We hear stories, play games and sing songs. Afterwards we walk spend time looking around at Barnes and Noble and trying not to buy too many things.
3. Every other week we attend a MOPS group. Hailey gets to play with some kids her age while I get to have some adult conversation with the other moms.
4. The other days of the week we stay home. But, to keep things from getting boring I plan out activities for us to do. Much like when I was teaching I pick a theme for each week and I plan activities around that theme. When we go to the library we get books that relate the theme. I have found TONS of ideas for things to do with toddlers and preschoolers on this amazing site called Pamm's House. She is amazingly creative and full of ideas- all of which she shares for free.

Next are my ideas of things we can do together as a family either in the evenings or on the weekends:

1. Have a family game night.
2. Take walks together and enjoy the fall leaves and later enjoy all the Christmas decorations.
3. If it's too cold to be outside we enjoy going to the mall just to watch people. People can be so interesting to watch!
4. We have some great children's museums where we live- we need to start visiting those.
5. We have a membership to our local zoo, which is open all year, so when it is not too cold out we can go see the animals.
6. Play in the snow.
7. Go to things like Build-A-Bear and Color Me Mine.

Now for some ideas of things for me to do:

1. Get back into my scrap booking. I keep buying more stuff and printing more pictures, but I just can't find the time to sit down and work on my scrap booking. I am going to start working on this one night a week after Hailey goes to bed.
2. Read!! I love, love, love to read. But I haven't been doing much of that lately either. It's so hard to find the time. So, I am going to start giving myself a little time to spend reading on the weekends.
3. Take walk everyday. When the weather is nice enough I will take Hailey for a walk each afternoon. Once it gets too cold, I'll dust off the treadmill and start walking on that everyday.
4. Blog without feeling guilty. For some reason when I blog during Hailey's nap I feel guilty like I should be doing something else (like folding the piles of laundry). But, I need to have a little time to relax and do things I enjoy as well.

Well, I guess those are my ideas for now. Please check out the Activity Menu Challenge over at Andrea's blog for more ideas.


Pam said...

Great list! How great that you added things for you...notice I completely forgot about me...bad mommy, losing her identity to her children! You are such a good mommy and those are great activities. When I was home over the summer, Ashlyn and I went to storytime at the library...she loved it. I am sure you and Hailey will love it too!

Sharon said...

This sounds great. I can't imagine it being too cold to go out. I love the cold but I can imagine that it could be rough.
Great ideas and I may have to come and check some of them out if I start to go stir crazy.

JenLo said...

Our local roller skating rink opens 3 days a week from 10-12 for moms/toddlers. They allow strollers, push and ride on toys. For about $2.50 you get admission, mom can skate if she wants to (so can kid) and a slice of pizza/drink. You might check your local rink. said...

You have such great ideas... My grand daughter in law Sofia needs to see this blog!!
She has a 2 year old and baby Kevin who is 4 months old and she just found out they are having a new baby in June!

I haven't bloged about this yet... I will wait a little while before I tell blogland....

She will really have her hands full! Oh my, I had 5 kids but they were spread out.. Love and Hugs, Grams

Shionge said...

Very interesting Melanie and I'm amazed by your energy :)

I remembered when my two girls were much younger and not so into computer yet....I napped with them too to accumulate my energy so as to 'combat' them kekekek...

You are so creative and full of ideas...well done!

Andrea said...

What great ideas! I think I might steal a few of them for those long cold winter months! :)

ZAM said...

You have great ways to spend the chilly winter months. And I like the things you've prepared for both of you, and Hailey.

BTW, re feeling guilty when blogging I also feel that way sometimes. :-)

Mary said...

Super ideas. I do hope you get to enjoy all of them. We all need time to ourselves in order to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

Thanks for stopping over to my blog and reading about Autumn on the Farm.


Sandy Carlson said...

This is a wonderful list. Reminds me a bit of my list when I had a very little one. Now she's 8 and very independent! (Perhaps that independence comes from all that time together?)

Your theme activity made me think of what we have begun doing here now.

Don't feel guilty about blogging! It's your coffee break! (I come from a union family.)

Andrea said...

Great ideas, Melanie! It sounds like you'll be having lots of fun this winter!

BTW -- I tried adding Mr. Linky, but I'm not the most computer literate person, so it didn't work.

But I am going to (hopefully this evening) put everybody's links on my sidebar so it will be easier for people to look at them. Especially throughout the winter if they need some new ideas, they can go back and check them out again!

Thanks for participating!