Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pain Worse Than Giving Birth

Rich has been having some problems with his foot. He hurt it quite a while ago at work and it seems to be getting worse. He finally decided it was time to go see the doctor since it had been over two years since he originally hurt it. It's best to make sure there is really a problem before you head to the doctor you know.

Anyhoo- he went to the doctor who referred him to a foot specialist. So, last Monday we all went to the foot doctor. Yes, all three of us went. (Please tell me, is it only my husband? Or do your husbands beg you to go with them if they have to go to the doctor?) Keeping Hailey occupied in the waiting room is not fun, but that is another story for another day.

And so. The foot doctor made this special little foot thingee for Rich to wear. He's been wearing it for a week and it has actually made his foot hurt in a different place. So, Rich asked me to call the doctor for him (because- goodness gracious- we wouldn't want him to call himself).

On Wednesday we went to see the foot doctor again. Hailey and I waited in the car this time (with the DVD player). Rich came out not too long after looking quite white.

"I passed out." He told me.

"Are you serious? Are you okay?" I asked him.

"Well, I almost passed out." He responded.

It turns out the doctor told him he could choose surgery or a cortisone shot. Rich thought he'd go with the shot. Apparently the shot was quite painful. On his way out of the office, Rich started to feel hot and dizzy. The receptionist was trying to get some information from him for his next appointment and Rich told her how he was feeling.

The doctor heard what Rich said and came rushing out and told him to lay down on the floor. They gave him a chair to put his feet up on because they were worried he was about to pass out. They kept him for a while and the doctor checked his pulse and made sure he was okay before he let him leave.

So, while he didn't actually pass out he felt bad enough that he insisted that I drive home because he was not feeling well. He emphasized that this was the very reason why it is important that I always come with him for appointments. Because you just never know.

For the rest of the afternoon and evening Rich continued to tell me how I could not possibly comprehend the pain he was in when the doctor gave him the cortisone shot in his foot.

Finally I said, "You know what? I think I can imagine pretty severe pain. I have a feeling that giving birth probably hurt more than your cortisone shot."

"No," he replied, "I think the cortisone shot probably hurt more than giving birth does. After all, giving birth did not cause you to almost pass out."

Excuse me? What do you think ladies? Are men really that wimpy? While I do think that the shot probably hurt quite a bit, I don't think it can compare to labor. So- if there is a woman out there who has had to endure both kinds of pain- please do tell.... which is worse?


Matt said...

A lot of baseball players receive cortisone shots monthly ... wimp.

Shelly said...

While I have never had a cortisone shot in my foot, I have had one below my eye. While that hurt, the pain was nothing compared to labor. So....yeah....labor is much worse!!!

Pam said...

Sounds like you have been through the worst of the two pains! said...

I have had both and although the shot hurt, I have had 5 kids!! Child Birth hurts worse!! I was giggling so hard Karen and Kelly said what are you reading!! I told them and they lol, too!!
Bless his heart, He is a good guy, he just doesn't like pain!! Merry Christmas to you all!!

Leeann said...

While I have never had a shot, I have given birth, with no pain meds, to a baby weighing over 9 lbs.
I'm gonna throw it out there that pushing out a HEAD and SHOULDERS the size of a small man's...was a tad more painful than a needle stick.
But, here's your sympathy hug {{hug}} anyway.

Leeann said...
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Kellan said...

They really have no clue - do they? My vote is on CHILDBIRTH - OF COURSE. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday. Kellan

Viamarie said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May our world this coming year, and all the years to come, be blessed with peace, love, joy and bountiful blessings.

Mama Bear June said...

Men are wimps. Tell him if he can pass a baseball out his urethra, he'll have a TINY clue about what childbirth feels like. ;-)

Well, I have to amend that and tell you my husband is in serious pain CONSTANTLY but never complains. He has an arthritic hip, needs a hip replacement, but he's waiting for his surgeon to get back from Iraq. When the doctor saw his x-ray, he said he didn't know how my hubby was even able to walk. He limps worse every day, but doesn't say a word about it. And he doesn't ask me to go to his appointments or ask me to call the doctor for him. And he still goes to ballroom dance lessons with me. He just makes sure to take his meds before we go and we try to use the hot tub afterward.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you were blessed with lots of family, joy and laughter.