Friday, March 30, 2007

Weight Loss Update

Well, this was not a good week. In fact, instead of losing any weight, I gained a pound. So, I have made some new rules for myself.

  1. Hailey's nap time is not snack time.
  2. I will no longer be buying snacks "for Rich."
  3. Do not visit Ange's myspace, because then I will want chocolate.
  4. Hailey's nap time is not snack time.
  5. When I was little my Grammy had a plaque hanging in her kitchen that said "Too little to save, too much to dump. That's what makes a housewife plump." Now I know what that means. And that is why I will no longer be allowed to do the dishes after dinner.
  6. Going out for dinner does not require getting a sundae for dessert.
  7. Hailey's nap time is not snack time.
  8. When going to the mall to walk for exercise, do not go to Arby's to get a Jamocha shake. Drinking a shake with 498 calories defeats the purpose of going to the mall to walk.

I think my new rules will help and next week will be a much better week.

20 pounds to go!


Shelly said...

Who knew being pregnant would bring out my worst eating habits?? Now that I'm not pregnant any more, they are really hard to get rid of!!! I know what you're going through...and love your rules!!! Keep up the good work!!! I know I'm trying!!!

JenLo said...

I LOVE those jamocha shakes. I can hardly go near the place because I can't resist!