Friday, March 16, 2007

Weight Loss

While I was pregnant with Hailey I gained a LOT of weight. My doctor warned me, of course, about the 10 pound baby I was bound to have. My doctor also warned me that the weight would be hard to lose. I was sure that since I would be nursing Hailey that he was wrong. Breastfeeding is supposed to help those pounds just melt right off. So, I decided that the world was a grand buffet and that I would eat to my tummy's content.
55 pounds later I had a 6lb 10oz baby. Obviously the doctor was wrong about a 10 pound baby! Within a month of her birth I had lost 25 pounds, without even trying. So, I figured the doctor was wrong about how hard it would be to lose the weight too.
Then all of a sudden the weight stopped coming off. Thanksgiving and Christmas did not make it any easier to lose and I pretty much stopped trying. I had only one pair of pants that fit me and was determined not to buy any more in that bigger size. This was supposed to motivate me to lose the weight. I was getting pretty tired of wearing those same pants everyday and washing them so often. If I'm being totally honest though, most days I didn't even make it out of my sweats.
For my New Years resolution, on January 2nd I started exercising everyday and eating healthy. Since then I have only lost another 9 pounds and it has been very slow going! Last week I finally was able to buy myself a new pair of pants in the next size down. How exciting!
Anyways- I have decided to add a weight loss ticker to my blog. It's at the bottom of the page and it shows how much weight I have lost and how much I still need to lose. It also shows what my BMI was, is, and will be when I reach my goal. Each Friday I will write a little about how my week has been with my diet and I will update the ticker to show what my new weight loss is. I am hoping that this will help me to stay accountable in reaching my goal weight by May 19th (coincidentally, Matt and Ellie's wedding date). Of course, any encouragement would be much appreciated!

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JenLo said...

I WON'T even say HeeHee because I totally know what you are saying. That's a bunch of poo about breastfeeding getting the weight off. It's good that you have a goal for the wedding-that's the best way to stay motivated. I have to work out almost every day or it comes creeping right back on. Ugh Good luck!