Saturday, March 17, 2007

First Tastes

For the last few weeks Hailey has become very interested in what we have been eating. She has been watching very closely during mealtimes and has been trying to grab everything within reach. She seemed to really want to start eating. But, the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that you don't start giving food until around 6 months and I tend to obsess with doing what "they" tell you to do. So at Hailey's last doctor's appointment I had discussed this with her doctor. The doctor assured me that Hailey was certainly ready for some baby cereal. Just to be sure I waited a few weeks, called the doctors office and talked to one of the nurses. She reassured me that it was indeed okay to start Hailey on some baby cereal at 5 months, 1 week.

We decided to go ahead and let her try her first taste of baby cereal. So, I got everything ready for her first meal with us at the table. I prepared the cereal, got the camera and camcorder ready and buckled Hailey into her booster seat (which is so much more convenient than a highchair). Does anyone know what I forgot to do?

With the camcorder rolling, I put a little cereal onto the spoon and into Hailey's mouth. All of the cereal came right back out of her mouth, ran down her chin and landed on her shirt. At this point I realized she was not wearing a bib! How many of you knew what I forgotten? Anyways, I rushed off to find a bib and we finished her first meal of "real food". As you can see from the picture below, most of her food ended up on her face, hands, booster seat, and the once forgotten bib. In fact I don't know if any of the food ended up in her tummy. Hailey seemed to really enjoy her food and especially enjoyed playing with her bowl and spoon. For now, I guess that is all that matters.

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Roxanne said...

Just saw your comment at Antique Mommy's place and clicked to see if you were "my friend" Melanie. INdeed, you are not. . .but I read some of your blog anyway. Precious little girl you have there. I am the mother of two, and I found that once they began to eat, things were a lot less messy if I gave them their own spoon to hold and chew on while I used another spoon to feed them. Otherwise, it was a constant battle because they REALLY wanted that spoon.

Enjoy all of these milestones. . .the ride only gets better. :)