Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who, Me?

Now, I think I look pretty innocent. But, for some reason my mom disagrees about my innocence. Like earlier this week- my mom was playing with that squeaky baby again. So, I found my favorite squeaky squirrel toy and brought it to her so I could join in the fun. But, of course, my mom said, "No Dottie- you can't play when Hailey is on the floor. You get too excited. I'll play with you later." So, I went and found a nice cozy bed to lay on while I waited for my turn to play. A little while later I heard my mom say, "Dottie Doo, have you been in the garbage again?" I have no idea why she always assumes it is me who is getting into the garbage. I always get blamed for everything around here.

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Anonymous said...

Dottie Doo --- We are on to you!!!!!!