Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Girl's Best Friend

Hailey thinks Dottie is just great! Hailey loves to watch Dottie and gets very excited when she gets to sit next to Dottie. Hailey reaches out to Dottie and "pets" her. Dottie is still a little unsure of Hailey, but allows the "petting" for a few minutes before she runs off to find herself some trouble to get into.


JenLo said...

That is SO adorable! Our dog definitely thinks the kids are below her in the pack order. She likes them but she doesn't listen to them at all.

Antique Mommy said...

Those pictures are SO funny. That dog looks just huge compared to the baby. I remember when we brought Sean home from the hospital, Cooper Ann (our Schipperke and first child) just pretended like he didn't exist and that maybe he would go back from wherever he came if she didn't acknowledge him. Didn't happen.