Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Ceremony

Matt and Ellie were married on May 19th at The Fontainebleau Inn. It was a beautiful ceremony with perfect weather.
This is where the ceremony took place.
Mother and Father of the Groom.
Pastor Hill, Matt, Mike and Jon.
Jonah, the ring bearer, and Kate, the flower girl, making their way down the hill. If you look closely you can see that Jonah dropped his pillow.
Jonah went back to get his pillow.
Bridesmaid Kat, and Maid of Honor Stephanie
Matt watching Ellie as she makes her way down the
Ellie and her dad.
Saying their vows.
With this ring I thee wed.
The kiss.
The happy couple!

See previous posts for pictures from the Rehearsal Dinner and Getting Ready.


my4kids said...

Beautiful bride! I love the grounds.
Kids in favorite part they always do something funny!

JenLo said...

That is so beautiful! Glad everything went well.

Becky said...

That was a lovely wedding. The bride was beautiful and the groom quite beside himself with joy, as evident on his sparkling smile as he watched his bride come to him. I love this. Thanks.

dgreenfamily said...

The songs made me remember and cry and cry..