Friday, May 25, 2007

Getting Ready

Matt and Ellie were married on May 19th. Here are some pictures from before the wedding.
Matt, the Groom, getting ready.
Jon, a Groomsman, getting ready.
Mother of the Groom worrying about everyone getting ready on time.
Sam, brother of the Bride, holding his tux.
Mike, the Best Man, is ready to go.
Father of the Groom getting ready.

Ellie, her Bridesmaids, and the rest of her family got ready at The Fontainebleau Inn (the location of the wedding) so I do not have pictures of any of them from before the ceremony.

You can see my post from yesterday for pictures of the Rehearsal Dinner.


JenLo said...

The wedding prep is always so much fun! We are going to a wedding at 5pm tonight and it's fun to see everybody getting all ready!

la bellina mammina said...

How exciting! can't wait to see photos of wedding! Congrats Matt and Ellie!

Leah & Jon said...

OK, so I was guilted into leaving a message! Well, not really guilted, just blackmailed! But I did want to say that the groomsman was definitely GORGEOUS!!

P.S. Check out the few new pix on our page!