Monday, May 21, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Well, I figured it would happen eventually. I've been tagged! It's my first time being tagged, and I was tagged twice. First I was tagged by KC to post 7 random facts about myself. Then the very next day I was tagged by Serving Him to post 8 random facts about myself. I know I would bore everyone to death by posting 15 random facts about myself, I'm just not that interesting. So, instead I have decided to just do 8 to cover both.

Here are the rules: Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to tag 8 people and post their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment and tell them they're tagged and to read your blog.

So, here goes.........

1. I love to go shopping. Just not grocery shopping.
2. When I eat I like to make sure that each different food on my plate does not touch any of the other foods on my plate. Then I only eat one food at a time before I move on to eat a different food. For example if I have roast beef and mashed potatoes on my plate- I will finish eating all of the beef before I move on to eat the mashed potatoes. And, I always save whatever I like best for last.
3. I keep my cooking spices in nice straight rows in alphabetical order.
4. I love lists! I have a to-do list for each day of the week that I print out once a week. I also have pre-made lists on the computer for groceries and my weekly trips to Target. I just have to print my lists out and then I cross off what I do not need before I leave for the store. I take it a bit too far sometimes. If I come across something in the store I want to get and it is not on my list- I write it on my list so that I can cross it off!
5. When I was a teenager, my first job other than babysitting was cleaning the home of a family friend. I don't know if she (JenLo) knows this, but she is about to find out because she reads my blog. One of the first times I was cleaning I needed to run the dishwasher. Well, instead of putting dishwasher detergent into the dishwasher I used regular dish soap- probably something like Dawn. I started up the dishwasher and left the kitchen to go clean somewhere else. A little while later I walked by the kitchen and saw it was filling up with soap bubbles. In a panic, I called my mom and she came over and helped me clean up the kitchen that was filled with bubbles. The kitchen was sparkling clean when we finished! We had to run the wash cycle several times to get all the bubbles out of the dishwasher. I always wondered if there were any bubbles left over the next time they ran their dishwasher.
6. When my cousin Beka and I were teenagers we did some crazy things. Once she was old enough to drive we would go for some nice rides. From time to time we would pick a car and follow the car all over the place. I'm sure our parents did not know we did that (until now). I now know that was a really stupid thing to do! We were lucky we never picked a crazy person to follow around.
7. I have never had a broken bone.
8. I have an obsession with even numbers. When I listen to the radio or watch TV, the volume has to be set on an even number. When I eat something like grapes or M&M's I have to eat either 2 or 4 at a time. Not that I am eating M&M's with my diet and all. But, if I were eating M&M's and there was only one left- I would not eat it.

So, there you have it. Hope you're still awake. Now I have to "tag" 8 people to also do a list of 8 random facts/habits about themselves. I tag Beka, Angie, Laura, La Bellina Mammina, Angel, Jodie, Liz, and Military Mommy. So, play along if you want to. If you don't want to that's okay too! Come back and leave me a comment once you do your post so that I can make sure I see it.


la bellina mammina said...

I can't bear to leave the last M&Ms.....

My meme is up now :-)

Military Mommy said...

Shoot - I've already done this one - twice! :) If you want to read it, just click on my "memes" category and it is in there.

Thanks for the tag though I appreciate it.

I thought yours were very cute. I especially liked your even numbers one. :)


my4kids said...

Haha...I am #2 also so much that it drives people crazy. I actually even take things like pie and have to eat them in order filling first then top crust then bottom...I'm just weird though with that one!
Also number 8 but I'm an odds person and 7 is my favorite! Like this meme? I would probably end with number 7, just because I have too.......

Laura said...

My friend, it's funny how our weirdness are really similar! I'm all over #2, #3, and #8.

Just posted my random facts. I'm so happy to be tagged, but I honestly can't think of a blessed soul that hasn't been!

Rochelle said...

You DO know that all that food touches each other in your tummy, right? :)
I enjoyed all the random tid-bits!

Serving Him said...

Melanie, Thanks for doing this. I enjoyed reading the 8 things. Question. On your to do lists and grocery lists, do you always have to have an even number of things to do? Just wondering. Enjoy your day.

Jodie said...

I've posted my 8 things about me :-) But for the life of me can't think of any blogger I know who hasn't been tagged.

Have a good one!