Monday, September 17, 2007

Vacation- Days 5 & 6

On our fifth day of vacation (and fourth day at Disney World) we started out at MGM.
We stopped to pose for a picture just after we entered the park. And then we were off to have breakfast with characters from The Little Einsteins and JoJo's Circus at Hollywood and Vine. Hailey enjoyed watching June, Leo, JoJo and Goliath from a distance but she wasn't too sure about them when they stopped to visit her at our table.
Hailey and June
Hailey looked at Goliath for a minute and then started to cry.
Hailey was a little concerned about JoJo as well.
She watched her for a minute and then started to cry.
Hailey wasn't too sure what to think about Leo. He could tell she was a bit worried and tried playing peek-a-boo with her. It didn't work and she ended up crying again.

We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon at MGM.
Hailey and I watching a parade.

After the parade we left to go to Animal Kingdom, where we spent the evening.

We stopped to pose for a picture soon after we arrived at Animal Kingdom.
Each of the four parks had an air conditioned baby center. They had places to change your baby, highchairs for feeding, rooms for nursing mothers, and various baby items for sale. They also had a room where Hailey was able to get out of her stroller and crawl and walk around for a while.
This is a picture of the Expedition Everest ride- a roller coaster that Rich and I both went on. Disney has a thing called Rider Switch for people with young children. One person gets to go on the ride and the other person gets a pass to skip the line after the first person is done with the ride. This way we were both able to enjoy the rides that Hailey could not go on without waiting in line twice. Anywho- I loved Expedition Everest- Rich did not.

On the sixth day of our vacation (fifth day at Disney) we spent the day at Magic Kingdom.
We stopped to pose for a picture right after we entered the park.
Hailey and I on a train ride.
Rich posing as Mickey Mouse.

We had reservations to eat dinner at the Crystal Palace with the Pooh characters. After breakfast with the characters from The Little Einsteins and JoJo's Circus the day before I was worried about how Hailey would do with these characters. But, she absolutely loved all of the Pooh characters and laughed and clapped her hands when she saw each one.
Hailey meeting Winnie the Pooh.
Hailey patting Eeyore on the nose.
Hailey reaching for Piglet's nose.
Hailey laughing while meeting Tigger. I'm not sure if Hailey is giving Tigger a kiss or a bite? At the time I thought she was giving him a kiss, but later on when we met Mickey Mouse- she definitely bit him on the nose. So, now I'm not sure if she was also biting Tigger.
Hailey cried after Tigger left our table.
Here we are posing in front of the castle.
We are meeting Mickey Mouse. Hailey grabbed right a hold of his nose and would not let go.
And, now she is biting poor Mickey Mouse on the nose.
Still biting and hanging on. I know for sure this was a bite and not a kiss because I had to pull her off of him and I could tell her little teeth were sinking into his nose.

Surprising we were not asked to leave the park after Hailey's attack on Mickey (and possibly Tigger) and we continued to enjoy the rest of the evening at Magic Kingdom. I have just a few more pictures left to share with you. So, be sure to come back to see those. If you missed my previous vacation posts you can scroll down a little to see those or click here and here.


JenLo said...

Looks like a very fun time!

Beka & Bill said...

Looks like lots of fun! Hailey does seem to enjoy the Winnie the Pooh characters!

Melanie said...

Great pictures!!! I love the biting/kissing pics! Too Cute!!!
To answer your question my favorite resorts at WDW are - 1) Polynesian because it has an awesome location and I love the restaurants and total feel there! 2) The Beach Club - great pool and awesome location to walk to Epcot! 3) Saratoga Springs - my favorite Home away from Home/DVC resort and 4) Coronado Springs for great price, pool, food and atmosphere said...

You guys sure did have a fun time!! and you made it so nice for Haliley, too!! Isn't she so cute with Mickey Mouse!!!Even if she is biting his nose!

Pam said...

Great pictures! Don't sweat the is what babies do--they put everything in their mouth! Glad the Pooh characters and Mickey went better then the breakfast. So glad everyone had a great time!

Sharon said...

How great the pictures are.
Julia still enjoys looking at her pictures with the characters.She was about 5 so it is really time to go back.

ZAM said...

Lovely photos.

Haha! I can imagine my son doing what H did to Mickey! My son does that all the time to his stuff toys, mostly Winnie the Poohs. He would kiss and bite their noses that I make it a point to regularly give them a bath (the nose gets hardened with milk residue!).

my4kids said...

Looks like a great time and I think it looks like she is biting tigger! LOL

Laura said...

Oh, I'm finally getting caught up on all your fun. You look like you all had a great time!

Precious Hailey - poor thing, crying at all those big costumes. It's all so overwhelming for little kiddo. She looks like she had a blast, though!

Shionge said...

Wow! I can see that Hailey is enjoying all the cartoon characters ya :D

Amy W said...

Love all the pics (I LOVE Disney). My trip is in a month!!

Hailey looks like she had fun..

ComfyDenim said...

The Tigger pictures are awesome!!
The Mickey pictures need a caption that says "Warning: Teething Baby" *L*
Very Cute memories that will be so much fun sharing with her when she's 8. *L*

JennieBoo said...

It's amazing how happy little ones get when their "idols" are around. My mom has a pic of me with Bugs Bunny at Sic Flags. I loved him, but I pitched a fit when the pic was taken.

Hailey is precious and so well-behaved!

Beautiful pics.

Debbie said...

Good gracious! These pics sure made me smile!! Hailey is going to love you showing her future beaus these of her and Mickey!