Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Pam over at Random Thoughts did a cute post the other day called A Few Of My Favorite Things. So then I left her a comment and suggested she turn it into a meme and tag all of her friends. And she did. So now of course I must participate in the fun.

And so, here are a few of my favorite things:

My first favorite thing is my family. I love my family more than anything and I would do anything for them.

I know this picture is a little old- it was taken at Matt and Ellie's wedding back in May. It's the most recent one I have- mostly because Brooke and I both like to hide when we see someone trying to take our pictures. We will have an updated family picture soon though.

My next favorite thing is Disney World. I went a few times when I was little. When Rich and I got married we went there for our honeymoon. We have gone back every other summer since then. There is a magical feeling that can't really be described and we love it there.

My third favorite thing is Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. Not the chewy, soft kind either. They must be the original kind. I could eat an entire box in one sitting. Which is why I try to make sure I never ever buy them.

And last, but certainly not least- I love my Rich's laptop and blogging, and all of my blogging friends.

So, if you're reading this- then guess what? Tag- you're it! Have fun playing along.


Andrea said...

I love your list of favorite things...some of them are the same as mine!! :) And I love that computer comic...tee hee! :)

Kellan said...

I love the comic! I also love the rest of your favorite things - I'm not crazy about the cookies though - I do have other favorites I like - not opposed to cookies, don't get me wrong - just not those. Take care. Kellan

Andrea said...

I could've gone on and on and with my favorite things...there are so many wonderful things in life!!

Donna aka Nesting Momma said...

What a fun post. Great pictures.

Thanks for the Kidstyme Music button!!

Sandy Carlson said...

This is great. Thanks for the fun. That last comic is awesome. You made me laugh!

Debbie said...

I enjoyed this.....
Ahh yes, family is sooooo important!
I hope to have some current family pics later this month! I,too, run from the camera......(it's the weight gain) I don't want to see it! *smile*

Pam said...

Love your list! And thanks for playing along! The comic is hilarious! I may have to use that one....that is just how I feel. My laptop was broken once (I feel on some ice and laptop and I went down! So I was without one for a little while....I barely made it through that experience and that was before my blogging days! What would I do now?)

btw- I notice you have lost two pounds! Yeah for you!! Keep it up- slow and steady wins the race!!

Ashley said...

My most favorite thing is when my children come home and spend time with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanksgiving was wonderful...

Sharon said...

Now that was not fair!
I came over here to check out you favorite things and bam!-you got me.
Hmmmm, I'll think about it. ;)
Really tags can be good on those days when you can't think of anything to post. So I guess I should say --Thank you!
I shall save this and use it soon I'm sure.
I would love to go back to Disney. We went there often as a child because Dad usually had family working there. We have not been in about 5 years. I guess it is time.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

What did you do, suck my list out of my brain and pretend it was yours? Except the picture, of course. I think you substituted my little blurb about my daughter's voice so that the list would seem more like your own.


Ellie said...

I must confess one of my favorite things is to visit your blog! As you probably can tell by how many hits you get from my town, they are most certainly mostly me!

Somehow my house just clicks on 'Melanie's blog' instead of my class websites?? tricky mouse!

Regina said...

Hey Mel,
Very nice list! I love that your friends live in your computer!LOL! That is funny.
I was waiting to see how long before you got your list up, since it was your idea! And you know I can't live without Sarcasm!!! Stop trying to change me!!!!!!!!!


Tiff said...

I love the cartoon. It's so true!!!

WorksForMom said...

Oh you have such a beautiful family! And that last cartoon is so PERFECT. It's so true Melanie.

ComfyDenim said...

I liked the comic, too. :-)
What a fun meme to do.
I'll have to see if I can come up with something. I'm having a difficult time blogging lately. ... Maybe I should blog about that. *LOL*