Monday, March 17, 2008

Activity Menu Challenge Update

Back in October Andrea challenged us here to come up with an activity menu to help keep those winter blues away. Today all of the participants are supposed to post about how it went and whether or not we followed through with our plans.

I'm not going to re-post my menu because it is a bit long but if you want to see my original plan you can see my menu here.

So how did I do? I failed, miserably. I started out pretty good with the activities I had planned for me and Hailey. We went to lots of story times, playgroups and other activities. I planned activities based on certain themes for the days we would be home. But then every time we went to an activity with other kids Hailey would get sick. Every single time. In the middle of December she got really sick and ended up on Nebulizer treatments because she was having a hard time breathing. So I decided that I had had enough of her being sick and I decided we needed to stay home more often.

I did keep up with planning activities at home for Hailey until a few weeks before Christmas. Then I was so busy doing things getting ready for the holidays that I stopped doing it. And I haven't started again.

When I look back at my menu is makes me feel like a terrible mommy- I had all these great ideas and I didn't do most them. And recently (for reasons I will blog about another day) I have had to spend more and more time on the computer. So I have been feeling incredibly guilty about that and feel like I am not spending enough time with Hailey.

We have started participating again in playgroups and activities with other kids and now that spring is almost here I know we will get even more involved. I am also going to start planning activities for Hailey and I to do at home again.

So, to wrap it all up- I did terrible with my plans and I feel incredibly guilty about it. I can't get that time back to redo it, so I am going to start fresh today with some new plans.


Andrea said...

Don't beat yourself up about it. Hailey was sick A LOT over the winter, and that changes things for sure.

The point is that you've realized YOU aren't happy with how you did and that you WANT TO IMPROVE. We can always strive to do better.

Thanks for participating, even though things didn't all go as planned. But you are an excellent Mommy. Anybody who knows you knows how much you love and care for that little girl.

SaraLynn said...

Don't feel bad! Flexibility is a must as a parent. I make plans, tons of them, and some happen and some don't and some are done half way....and when there is a sick kid, all plans out the window!

I have enjoyed your blog, thanks for stopping by mine!

Denise said...

Praise God for do overs.

Pam said...

Sounds to me like you did a great job. You tried and gave it a great effort. Hailey getting sick so much of course means you have to change gears. And I know you have to be on the computer and helping out your family. You are a great mommy and you are doing wonderful things with Hailey each and every day!