Monday, June 25, 2007

Honor Your Husband 30-Day Challenge- Week #2

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It's week 2 of the Honor Your Husband 30-Day Challenge. It's not too late to join- so if you want more information go on over and visit Christine at Fruit in Season. This week I am going to continue to work on my goals from last week. When I was trying to decide what my new goals would be, I used Christine's idea and I asked Rich what I could do better to honor him. Without hesitating he said, "Nothing." So, I asked him if I was perfect. He responded, "Yup, you're just right for me."

I thought about dropping out of the challenge since I am, you know, perfect. Then of course I realized that I am not perfect and that he was saying that because he thought there could be some consequences for being open with me. Which brings me to my first goal for this week:
  1. Listen and respond to Rich in a way that makes him feel like he can be totally open and honest with me.
  2. And if Rich was to be open with me I know one of the things he would want me to change is all of the nagging I do. If only I could train Rich to do things the first time I ask him, I wouldn't have to nag. So, my other goal for the week will be to stop some of my all of my nagging.


Oldqueen44 said...

An interesting book for this topic is "Created To Be His Helpmeet" by Debbi Pearl. Some may think it is a little over the top but you can gleen some good information from it. Especially finding out which type of man you are married to.(Read chap. 8 first and then the previous chapters will make since. I am married to a command man. Most guys are "steady men" others are called "Visionaries" Finding out why these guys act the way they do and how best to respond to their needs makes communication much more simple.
As for the nagging, in a comedy routine titled "Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage" by a Christian comedian, but can't remember his name, you discover that if you have an approach that you would take with (I know this sounds bad)3 year old, the praise and trade offs, you will see one happy to take action husband.
As for me I will think about this and post something to finish the challenge.

Denise said...

Bless you, and your marriage always.

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Bless you my sweet blogging friend and your marriage. Loved your post. Have a great week.

Smiles and Blessings,

Angel ():)

Munchkin Land said...

Ahhh...yes... nagging! A big one that's on my list too! =) I hope this is something we can ALL work on!!

Christi said...

Yep, nagging is on my list for the week too.

Good luck with your goals for the week - praying that your marriage continues to be blessed!

wyndesnow said...

On my list and I've been trying to work on it but, well, that's a hard one to change.

Have a wonderful week!!

P.S. I love the blogaholic, I have to limit my time on the computer or nothing gets done!!

blackpurl said...

I guess I would also qualify as a blogaholic... but then if I wasn't I would have never found the challenge!!

I can rationalise well too!

May God's blessing be on you and your marriage throughout the coming week.

peace, Alida

Christine said...

Ha!! My hubby didn't say I was perfect...

Oh well, guess I'll keep going on the challenge too!


eph2810 said...

I had to smile at the response of your beloved. I think sometimes they say things we want to hear, but sometimes openness is better for us so we can change.
I don't have too many problems with nagging, but the advice thing is a tough one for me. It was hard for me to just listen this week -- without giving advice.
Hope you will have a wonderful weekend. Hope to see you Monday again for another 'round' of Marriage Monday.

Blessings to you and yours.